LAS liquid replenishment systems offer closed-loop control of chemical processes. I/O, pumps, feedstock delivery points, flow rates, choice of materials, and controls are engineered as a system to fulfill your requirements.  Replenishment is delivered in response to either analysis results, process throughput, or operator requests.  These systems are used for cleaning, etching, plating, anodizing, and pre-treatment line chemical makeup, delivery, and replenishment;  chemical process and wastewater treatment dosing; and general liquid chemical maintenance.
Chem process control loop with auto sampling, analysis & replenishment

Features include

  • Single or multiple pumps
  • Single or multiple destinations
  • Full-auto, semi-auto (approved), and requested-delivery modes
  • Auto-delivery limits
  • Feedstock low alarms
  • Self-priming liquid delivery
  • PC or keypad user interface
  • Stand-alone or integrated operation
  • Initiated by analysis, event, counter/totalizer, or operator request
  • Custom operations configured for blending, mixing, or sequencing
  • Tabulated, exportable replenishment history to Excel, SQL, MODBUS, etc.
  • Turnkey systems including installation, calibration, and training.

L220 – Bulk Chemical Replenishment System

  • Closed-loop chemical control with recording and alarming
  • Milliliter to unlimited volumes
  • Pneumatic or electric pumps
  • High purity Teflon, inert PVDF, and cost-effective polypro systems
  • Robust and high-resolution flow sensing options
  • Optional display and keypad for local or stand-alone operation

L210 – Precision Liquid Dosing & Replenishment System

  • Inert and high purity liquid flow path
  • Ranges: 0.01 to 100 ml/min
  • Up to 48K step/stroke resolution
  • Discrete chemical dosing or continuous delivery
  • Single, dual, or tandem pumps

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