LAS analyzers may be thought of as an atline “laboratory in a box” – complete with sampling, analysis, reporting/alarming, cleanup, and even auto-calibration for continuous, unattended operation. And the LAS design is accomplished with minimum maintenance in view: for example, no peristaltic pumps are used and no pump tubing replacement is required! In most cases, a quarterly PM is all that’s needed.

Auto analysis

configured for your process

Auto sampling

draws and selects from single or multiple streams

Single or multi-parameter analysis

by titration, colorimetry, and spectroscopy

Titration methods

include pH, Redox, color, turbidity

Analysis scheduling

on interval, by event, or at times of day

Result validation

performed by replicate and range checks

Auto calibration

from grab samples or bottled standards

Grab sample port

for bottled samples or standards


of all analytical sensors with automatic maintenance alerts

Reagent supply check

with operator alerts


for alarming, replenishing, and data transfer


for recording process data and synchronizing events

Keypad and PC

operator interfaces

Model L360

Our most compact unit for colorimetry
LCD touchscreen interface for stand-alone operation
Conserves reagent consumption with ul delivery
Samples one to four streams
Ideal for dedicated analyses

Models L450 & L460

  • Our mid-size unit for titration, pH, and colorimetry
  • Keypad interface for stand-alone operation
  • Analyzes up to four parameters
  • Samples up to four streams
  • Ideal for dedicated wastewater analysis

Multiprocess Models L510, L540, L550PC & L560odel L360

  • Perform titration, UV-Vis & Raman spectroscopy, and colorimetry
  • Precision, auto-calibrated pH
  • Spectroscopy methods include UV-Vis and Raman single and multi-component analysis
  • Optional PC interface for full-featured control
  • Analyzes up to eight parameters (limited by space and cycle time)
  • Samples up to 12 streams
  • Sampling methods include recirculating, draw-on-demand, grab sample, and sample filtration with auto backflush.

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