LAS online analyzers are capable of multiple analytical methods and are offered with a full suite of features and options for automatic, unattended operation. Here are our four basic analytical method categories


Versatile with low drift, carrying out both known and specialty techniques. This well-known method is the most fundamental and well established.LAS brings auto titration online, applying its proven reliability to most any chemical process.  Redox, pH, colorimetric and turbidimetric titration sensors are offered with both absolute and differential endpoint detection.


Auto-calibrated and temperature-compensated for maximum stability and accuracy. Our at-line approach is also isolated from the process for maximum probe longevity and overall reliability. Sample is automatically drawn into the analyzer cell at preset intervals for pH determination. Afterward, the cell and probe are rinsed, preserving the probe calibration and condition.


A rapid, multicomponent analysis method. It is used to distinguish components in mixtures and is often accomplished without reagents or sample loss. Our methods include online and atline Raman spectroscopy and UV-VIS spectroscopy with complete sample preparation and auto calibration for a broad set of detection capabilities.


Utilizing sensitive and proven methods including EPA approved methods for water and wastewater analysis. Online colorimetery is a fast and economical option for chemical process measurement and control.

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